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As long as I can remember I’ve been drawing anything and everything that I could. I started out with doing Pokémon and started to branch out drawing more stuff out my comfort zone. But my main inspiration has always been a combination of abstract, tattoos, and cartoon characters.

That inspiration has inspired me to create all the dope artwork that I have created over these years of creating art. In 2018 I started my first clothing brand SmokeOut. Along with being part of my first three art shows in 2019. In 2020 I was featured in Trapxart July volume 4 magazine and also started another clothing brand DAI and had an Instagram live interview. And in 2021 I hosted about 10 shows that year about 17 events that others hosted. So far between Oct 2021 and a lot more to come I have completed about 9 fashion shows and with one being at New York fashion week (TME).

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Fashion, Creativity, Culture & Art

As a designer, artist and creative Kelwiththeplan strives to establish a standard of collaboration that allows for freedom of expression with his works while also inviting clients, models and customers into that process. This solidifies the confidence in the pieces that are produced from the Serivices offered. Check out some of the ways that you too can join in this process!

As a designer in a city full of creatives getting your brand and your name out there can be a challenge. When you're tapped into your craft and are passionate about what you do it shows. Others will begin to discover it for themselves when the time is right. In September 2022, Dope Ass Individual (DAI) showcased a number of looks at The Model Experience during New York Fashion Week. Stay locked in for more exciting ventures and get you some Dope Ass gear to rock on any occasion! Dress it up, dress it down, customize it, it's your piece!

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Where paint meets fashion you can be sure to find Kelwiththeplan serving up denim pieces and custom wear for all. Check us out today!

Get your custom freestyle piece today. Whether it is an OG piece or a VOL I every piece is a one of one. Reach out to us and our designer will be in touch.


Many of the Community-based vending opportunities that Kelwiththeplan has taken part in have not only included our clothing brands but have also allowed Hale Customz to bring forward customized pieces of artwork. We have expanding these offerings. Be sure to check it out!

Tattoo party anyone?? Tattoonz has taken part at local events and pop ups offering smaller tattoos at an affordable community rate. Reach out to plan your next Tattoo event or book your own session today!!

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